Rifugio Ai Brentei - Rifugio Pedrotti Tosa

The total walking time from Rifugio Brentei to Rifugio Pedrotti Tosa via Rifugio XII Apostoli and Rifugio Agostini is 8.30 hours along paths graded EEA-MD, that is requiring climbing aids and therefore suitable for expert hikers equipped with harnesses, helmets and crampons. The following alternative route permits you to avoid the mountaineering paths and vie ferrate and to shorten the time it takes to go from Rifugio Brentei to Rifugio Pedrotti Tosa.


Distance 3,4 km
Elevation gain 558 m
Time 1,45 h
Difficulty EE


From Rifugio Brentei you climb the path waymarked SAT 318 (EE in the section Rifugio Brentei – Bocca di Brenta) also called the Brentei path, to reach the Bocca di Brenta (2552 m) passing at the foot of Campanil Basso and going across wide screes. The Bocca di Brenta is a small detrital rock saddle that links Val Brenta (Rifugio Brentei) with Vallone dei Massodi (Rifugio Tosa). It is the most important and frequented pass in the Brenta Group and it was traversed for the first time way back in 1864 by John Ball. From Bocca di Brenta the path descends rapidly to Rifugio Pedrotti (2487 m). Walking time Rifugio Brentei – Rifugio Pedrotti 1.10 hours. 




Ospitalità, rifugi e punti appoggio

Rifugio Ai Brentei m. 2182

Val Rendena -

Rifugio Tosa T. Pedrotti m. 2491

Molveno -
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