Stage 8

Rifugio Tosa T. Pedrotti - Malga Spora

Distance 11,6 km
Elevation gain 1339 m
Time 6,35 h
Difficulty E / EEA - D


From Rifugio Pedrotti it takes only a few minutes to descend to the terrace immediately below Rifugio Tosa (2439 m) where you enter the path waymarked SAT 303 (EEA) Sentiero “Osvaldo Orsi” that in ups and downs goes round the bottom of the large rock flank of Cima Brenta Alta and after a while comes out in Busa degli Sfulmini and Massodi (2380 m) crowned by the superb rock wall of Cima Brenta Alta, Campanil Basso and Campanil Alto and Cima degli Sfulmini. The path skirts the edge of the whole basin, continues horizontally in Busa dei Armi (2450 m) and then reaches the foot of Naso dei Massodi (2510 m) where it overlooks Val Perse.

From here the path continues along an easy ledge hewn in the steep wall of Spallone dei Massodi which is facilitated with an iron cable (Sega Alta). Remaining high up and traversing screes and snowfields you go round the bottom of the east flank of Cima Brenta and after a short climb you reach the crossway below the Bocca del Tuckett. Walking time Rifugio Pedrotti Tosa – crossway path SAT 322: 2,00 hours.

This wild stony area affords a continuous variety of scenery and rewarding views of the jagged pinnacles of the Brenta. In some places the path is facilitated with iron cables and the use of hlemt, crampons and pickaxe is essential in case of snow. Attention, in case of snowy winter and at the beginning of the summer season always check the condition of this path by contacting Rifugio Tosa Pedrotti!

From below the Bocca del Tuckett you descend on Sentiero delle Val Perse SAT 322 (EE) across the Busa dell’Acqua (1955 m) and in about 2,00 hours reach the fork (1600 m) with path SAT 344 (E) in the Vallazza locality. Following waymark SAT 344 (E) a very steep, demanding and exposed path climbs to reach Passo del Clamer (2164 m) in 1,45 hours.

Here begins the second part of the route winding through the wildest and lesser known area of the Group. On Passo Clamer you get a last glimpse of the spectacular view of the Central Brenta massif you have just traversed with its large screes and karst depressions filled with hanging glaciers and snowfields. From now on the itinerary features green valleys with a wealth of flora, fauna, meadows and cow-sheds. The contrast between the grey rocks and the green habitat of the bear is striking.

From Passo Clamer the SAT 344 (E) path descends an easy grassy slope and in 50 minutes reaches Malga Spora (1855 m) (with a bivouac).


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Ospitalità, rifugi e punti appoggio

Rifugio Tosa T. Pedrotti m. 2491

Molveno -

Malga Spora m. 1855

Paganella -

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