Madonna di Campiglio Pinzolo Val Rendena


Madonna di Campiglio Pinzolo Val Rendena

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Val Rendena

It is a lush green valley surrounded by astonishing mountains, Adamello, Presanella and Brenta Dolomites, sprinkled with villages rich in history and traditions that offer a genuine and simple hospitality typical of the mountain people.

Most of the fortune of Madonna di Campiglio, Pinzolo and the whole Val Rendena valley is due to their incomparable natural beauties being safeguarded as Natural Park. Places such as the Spinale plateau are undoubtedly unique, offering broad views across the Dolomite group, the Campanil Basso, the Crozzon di Brenta, and towards peaks such as Carrè Alto and the Lobbie and Mandrone glaciers in the Adamello Presanella massif.

Val Rendena stretches for about 20 km from Villa Rendena (600 m a.s.l.) to Campo Carlo Magno mountain pass (1,650 m a.s.l.). This valley rich of meadows and pastures fed by the river Sarca, it accounts for a thick network of paths and numerous minor side valleys: the most famous being Val di Genova, a true natural paradise cut through by a tumultuous stream that originates from the Mandrone glacier.

Crossing this valley on the saddle of a mountain bike along the many well signposted routes will allow you to fully enjoy its beauties, the imposing views and the spectacular glimpses that it offers. Furthermore, down on the valley floor you will pass through villages steeped in history and traditions.

The valley is located right at the centre of the Adamello Brenta Natural Park and provides two completely different morphological traits despite their proximity: on the orographic right are the perennial glaciers and tonalite rocks of the Adamello-Presanella group (the highest point of the massif is 3,558 m); on the left are the pinnacles of the Brenta Dolomites among which the Tosa peak rises (3,173 m).

Along the untouched and wild side valleys (Val San Valentino, Val Borzago, Val Genova, Val Nambrone, Val Brenta, Valagola e Vallesinella) you will savour breathtaking glimpses of the majestic peaks. Flora and fauna are rich in rare species, above all the brown bear.

When going through Val Rendena you will encounter a series characteristic villages (Villa Rendena, Iavrè, Darè, Vigo Rendena, Pelugo, Spiazzo, Mortaso, Strembo, Caderzone, Giustino, Pinzolo, Carisolo, S. Antonio Mavignola e la rinomata Madonna di Campiglio), traditional architecture and soaring bell towers.

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Madonna di Campiglio Pinzolo Val Rendena Azienda per il Turismo SpA
Via Pradalago, 4 - 38086 Madonna di Campiglio (TN)

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For tourist and promotional information, please contact the Tourist Board of the area.

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